Sadly, some op issues

Hi folks. I am generally very patient with ops on the remote and willing to help when I can. But with 200 or so ops now some irresponsible ops are making it difficult for the rest of us. All too many times I will find the radio and/or amp left on. Or an op signed on to the remote but no longer using it. I am very fond of the many ops who abide by the simple courteous rules of operation. Many of you know that my office and ham shack are in the same room where I trade stock and options during the day (my retirement job, LOL). So while I don’t listen to the remote I can see and hear the signing on and off, and relays clicking and clacking much of the day. I enjoy that and can often ID the op by the way he/she signs on, what frequency they choose, or how they use the rotor. Short story though is that I will begin discontinuing privileges on the remote for those who don’t take the time to turn off the amp, turn off the radio, and disconnect from the remote–just as anyone would do with their own equipment and station. Also, I am asking that our fine ops please let me know if you encounter an operator who doesn’t abide by the simple rules. Remember, if there is more than one op on the remote you should always ASK to TUNE. And, use the chat bar to communicate. If leaving the remote when someone else is connected, you should always fully shut down, telling the other op that you are shutting down and that it is up to them to turn the radio back on should they wish to operate. That keeps everyone responsible for turning off what they turned off and no one should be able to say, “well I left it on because KZ5ABC was logged on.” Thanks for everyone’s patience. 73, and best wishes from K8EA.