Here’s a couple things I know I have sent out a few times. Thanks to all the ops who cooperate.

  • When leaving the remote as control op you must turn off the radio and the amp, then disconnect. This eliminates the confusion as to who may have left the radio and amp on. If you turned it on, you are responsible for turning it off. There is no “hand off” to another operator.
  • Everyone who logs on should leave some sort of note on the chat bar, period. This may just be an “ask to tune.” Or any info on the remote. Or just to say 73. I have a detailed console so I can always search to see who was on then, guest ops, who left the radios on, etc. However, it is nice to hear anything at a glance from each op. Even band conditions.

These are just simple requests but I am weeding out some ops who don’t seem to have respect for the station, the equipment, and our little community. I have also established here an honor roll for those who have reported issues, poor operating, or in other ways have contributed to the excellence of this remote. Thanks to all our fine ops!



Difficult week here…

First, five straight days of thunderstorms in the area several times a day. I think most reasonable people will understand that I need to disconnect antennas during thunderstorms or when they are forecast overnight and I am sleeping. Unbelievably some have made complaints to me about the remote being down. The remote is intended for use by hams who otherwise are unable to get on the air due to HOA limitations or other reasons listed on the website. I also got a complaint from someone to whom I denied privileges. He had a fully equipped station and stated he was already approved on other remotes. This gentleman also had his own remotehams station. His reason for wanting access to this remote: “he just wanted to test propagation” from my geographical area. We don’t NEED more ops on this remote. We have many great considerate operators so I have raised the bar on who gets approved. The remote is part of my hobby and I enjoy others using the station when I am not on the air which is 90% of the time. But it is a hobby for me and not a job. And it is free. So please, your patience is appreciated.

Second, today when the thunderstorms finally abated the server went down unexpectedly. It’s a simple power supply issue and will like be up this afternoon. Of course when the server is down you won’t see it on remotehams. I have spares of almost everything so it should be up later this afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience. 73, Ed

Leave a note on the Chat Bar

Just yesterday we had a minor glitch on the remote which caused the “no power ouput” comments from a couple ops. So I am asking all approved ops to please just use the chat bat at least once when you are on, whether it be simply the ASK (which should always be used anyway), or a comment like a 73, signing off, GN, or whatever, each time you use the remote. Or just please drop a short note when signing off. That way I know there are no problems and the remote is being used. I had no idea that there was a computer glitch in the mic input yesterday. Sometimes it just takes a simple re-boot on my end to get the machinery working well again. Thanks to all. 73, Ed/K8EA

Update on new op screening and security

Hello to all operators. Since we discovered a couple of pirates operating on the remote we have taken some steps to enhance the screening of new operator requests. One unfortunate by-product is that it may take a little longer to get approved and the contact tab is more involved. So if you apply for operating privileges please 1) be patient, and 2) please accurately complete the contact form.

Remember you must have a current email address on to operate on this remote. This aids in verification. And as I have said elsewhere on this site you must upload an official copy or actual copy of your license in jpg format to We will no longer accept reference copies. I link to and get your license through my server so please don’t send directly to me.

I am very grateful that we have many fine ops on this remote. My thanks to all. Please report any misconduct or suspicious operating to me. Very 73 to all, Ed/K8EA

Down a little for maintenance this afternoon…now back up.

I began doing a little clean up/maintenance on the remote this morning. Ran into a little set back. Pleased to say we had some backup parts on hand but one thing led to another so I thought I would take care of some tidying up while I was at it. Sorry for the down time. She’s back up. Good news is that we’ll likely escape the t-storms for a couple days.

One point to note for new ops and regulars. You must have a valid email address on, and new op requests should use that email address when requesting privileges. One recent request was sent in with no valid email address. When I sent him an email to grant privileges it bounced back. It’s also a good way for verification. 73 to all and enjoy your holiday. 73, Ed

Reassessing guidelines for operating privileges for the K8EA Remote

Due to some recent issues I am currently reviewing requirements to obtain operating privileges on the remote. Please stand by for some revisions. If you have recently requested permission via the contact tab please be patient. I have always intended the remote as support for those who otherwise were unable to get on the air mainly due to HOA restrictions or those who otherwise are restricted from the full enjoyment of the hobby. It is not intended as a backup station or for new hams with little or no experience. Moreover, I frequently get questions from applicants who clearly have not read the instructions I have posted on the website. In some cases it has become apparent that some folks have applied without even reading the website.

Having said that, we have some terrific operators on the remote. I am indebted to many who have pointed out abuses or who have helped me fine tune some technical issues. To those great ops I personally thank you. 73, Ed/K8EA

Fraudulent operator unmasked on K8EA Remote!

Note that we found one of our ops to have fraudulently applied for privileges quite some time ago. This person had no license and in fact stole someone else’s identity and submitted a license copy under false pretenses. That is a serious offense and I have reported this to the FCC for action. Unfortunately this has required even more vigilance from me and authorization procedures are under review. It has also become necessary for me to do a comprehensive audit of all current operators, identify any other fraud or identity theft occurrences and report any violations. If you are receiving this information and are not a properly licensed ham radio operator please contact me immediately and I will take you off the approved list and move on without further action. Otherwise, should I discover any unlicensed hams using US Government documentation fraudulently, or instances of identity theft (which is a felony), I will have to report it to the authorities.

I am stunned by this discovery. Ham radio has a long standing tradition of honesty and integrity. Thanks to all the fine operators here on the remote who respect the rules, the laws, and the fine traditions of our hobby. 73, Ed

New power supply is now in line.

Hi folks. Sorry for the delay on this but the new Astron is finally running the Icom 7300, accessories, relays, etc. Those babies are heavy and I had to move a bunch of stuff around to keep things neat. But this should eliminate the intermittent issues which caused voltage drop. The Astron is in service 24/7 for the remote in order to keep the server connected even when the remote and radio are off line. Without it on 24/7 I would have to reset parameters with power off. Anyway, y’all have fun. 73, Ed

Topics: Update on power supply and new user requests

I have a new Astron PS coming that should solve the problem of these intermittent interruptions of service. I have also ordered a new regulator board for the current Astron supply. That will give me a back up power supply. I can always use a back up, right? Astron was very helpful BTW.

On another note, anyone who has contacted me through the contact tab requesting privileges will get a reply. That notwithstanding, I frequently get requests from ops who either don’t have a Remote Hams account, not uploaded a copy of their license in jpg format, are not using their call sign as their user name, and more. Obviously these folks have not visited the website. We are very generous with granting privileges on the K8EA Remote but will remain reluctant to authorize any users who fail to follow the basics of reading the website and looking at the video first. Y’all stay safe out there! 73, Ed