Sadly, some op issues

Hi folks. I am generally very patient with ops on the remote and willing to help when I can. But with 200 or so ops now some irresponsible ops are making it difficult for the rest of us. All too many times I will find the radio and/or amp left on. Or an op signed on to the remote but no longer using it. I am very fond of the many ops who abide by the simple courteous rules of operation. Many of you know that my office and ham shack are in the same room where I trade stock and options during the day (my retirement job, LOL). So while I don’t listen to the remote I can see and hear the signing on and off, and relays clicking and clacking much of the day. I enjoy that and can often ID the op by the way he/she signs on, what frequency they choose, or how they use the rotor. Short story though is that I will begin discontinuing privileges on the remote for those who don’t take the time to turn off the amp, turn off the radio, and disconnect from the remote–just as anyone would do with their own equipment and station. Also, I am asking that our fine ops please let me know if you encounter an operator who doesn’t abide by the simple rules. Remember, if there is more than one op on the remote you should always ASK to TUNE. And, use the chat bar to communicate. If leaving the remote when someone else is connected, you should always fully shut down, telling the other op that you are shutting down and that it is up to them to turn the radio back on should they wish to operate. That keeps everyone responsible for turning off what they turned off and no one should be able to say, “well I left it on because KZ5ABC was logged on.” Thanks for everyone’s patience. 73, and best wishes from K8EA.

Yesterdays issues and a special thanks…

For some reason I think I forgot to reactivate the remote yesterday so if you were unable to log on please forgive me. There’s a lot to do to vet new members, keep the remote up–and remember to enable/disable when I need to use the antenna farm. Sometimes I forget. As a reminder my personal operating is generally limited to 5:30 AM CST-8:00 AM CST just about every day. Other than that I transfer the antenna farm to the remote and enable it for most of the day. The rest of the time it’s available to our many fine ops.

BTW, this remote is free. It’s a labor of my love for the hobby and my personal belief in sharing. Nevertheless, I want to say a special THANK YOU to those who have made donations to the K8EA Remote through the donations tab. Donations are always welcome to maintain the equipment, defray the initial cost, and to provide for insurance and replacement. 73, Ed

If changing call signs…

Hi folks. A lot of ops are upgrading and changing call signs. All great news and congrats to all! That said, if you have a new call sign please fill out a new contact tab and let me know. There are a lot of moving parts here at this remote and many are automated. So this will avoid a lot of confusion. You must also upload (in jpg format) a new copy of your license with new call sign to the remotehams site. While this may not be a remotehams requirement, it is a K8EA requirement. I need to have a valid copy of your license on my server. We have approximately 200 fine operators on the remote now and I can’t always remember who is who so please help me with this. Many thanks for all the fine operating skills and courtesies displayed on the K8EA Remote. 73, Ed

Please log out correctly and turn off amp and radio

Sorry to keep bringing this up but it seems to happen way too often. PLEASE when you are finished using the remote properly “exit the station.” It is not enough to just disconnect, or turn off your browser. Too many times I have been out of the radio room only to return sometimes 12 hours later and see the amp running in the load fault condition. I know nobody does this purposely but if we follow a few basic rules this won’t happen. It will make the gear last longer. Moreover, when the amp is in load fault condition others who sign on later may face some difficulties using it. So please help with these steps:

  • If you turn the the amplifier on, then you should turn it off. If there is another op in the queue he/she can always turn it back on should they desire. So whoever turns the amp on also turns it off;
  • When leaving remote follow this sequence: Always turn the amp off (if on) and then the radio. Then disconnect from the remote. This sequence will work best;
  • Please communicate with others on the chat bar;
  • If you log on to the remote and there are no other ops on but the amp is running (highlighted switch) turn it off. Then if you want to use it you can simply wait a few moments and turn it back on. The “load fault” setting will reset itself if you do this. Otherwise the amp will not operate.
  • Remember that these procedures may be different than for some other remotes because the ALS600 is not directly supported by remotehams. So we use a work around. That said, we’ve had a pretty good history of compliance. And it’s a fairly powerful/flexible station with 80/40, and 20 through 10 with yagi and rotor.

Thanks to all the fine operators on this remote station. 73, and have fun. Ed/K8EA

Some new K8EA videos on YouTube

Want to see the K8EA shack and what happens behind the scenes when you log on to the remote? Just go to YouTube and type K8EA in the search bar. I uploaded a couple of cool videos this weekend. Let me know what you think.

T-Storms coming in and miscellaneous

Hopefully these ugly looking T-Storms will pass by quickly, but the remote is down for perhaps a couple hours. It was down for some trouble shooting earlier today but is now functioning fine. I’ll try to get the remote back up by 7:00 CDST today. check out with zip code 35210 to see what is coming our way. 73, Ed.

Summer thunderstorm activity here in Alabama

It’s been a busy season for afternoon and evening thunderstorms here this year. As the website and the remotes says, if you see the remote off line during normal hours check out the conditions at in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Chances are there are storms and, as any reasonable station operator would do, I disconnect all antennas. We have a pretty good elevation above average terrain here and had a lightning event a few years ago that took out a lot of equipment. So, while I’d like to keep the remote up 24/7 I want to protect our remote from damage. Sorry for any inconvenience. Best wishes to all ops. 73, Ed


Hello all. We have lot’s of fine operators on the remote. We appreciate those who exhibit the best in operating protocols and courtesies. Thanks folks. One problem that comes up too frequently is that the amp gets left on and goes into load fault condition. So, as a reminder, please ALWAYS turn the amp off first (even when turning over to another op since they can turn it back on when done). And turn the amp off before the radio. Then disconnect from the remote. If you just turn the radio off the amp will stay on. Also, please don’t just leave the remote without disconnecting. So, here’s the sequence that works best…

  • Turn off the amp;
  • Turn off the radio;
  • Disconnect from the remote.

Thanks to all for your cooperation.

73, Ed/K8EA