Operating Info

YOU are VERY WELCOME to join our community here on the K8EA remote. In keeping with the finest traditions of ham radio please remember that hams are friendly, courteous, helpful to others, and take pride in their operating standards. I assume all licensed hams know this already so here are just a few additional rules of the road. 

  1. You must have an account with RemoteHams to operate on this remote (it’s all free!).
  2. You must contact me via the contact tab to ask for permission to operate this remote control station. This is a one time approval process.
  3. You must have a current license on file with RemoteHams.
  4. Please respect others in the queue on the remote. Use the chat feature to communicate. An “X” means that station has transmit privileges. An “A” is the administrator. It is possible to share the remote, for example, both hams are communicating on the same net, same frequency.
  5. Please share. If you are the only one logged in no problem. If another ham with X privileges is in the queue it doesn’t mean you need to sign out. Just be aware that someone else may want to use the remote. Sometimes they are just listening. So use the chat feature. Short version, if there are others in the queue please communicate and do not dominate the remote.
  6. Absolutely no contesting on this remote. You may offer up a contact to a contesting station; however, this station should not be used as an active prolonged participant in any contest.
  7. Please adhere to the long standing ham radio operator’s code of conduct. No contentious, controversial, disrespectful or argumentative discussions will be tolerated. The old adage of keeping politics and religion out of conversations with friends applies well to ham radio and will be enforced on this remote. A good reference on operating standards can be found here  http://www.arrl.org/files/file/DXCC/Eth-operating-EN-ARRL-CORR-JAN-2011.pdf
  8. Generally all communications should be in English. Exceptions may be made for French Canadians, and a few phrases in Spanish, German, etc., are OK. But these should be limited. QSOs in languages other than English are not allowed.
  9. Absolutely NO DIGITAL or AM operation. CW and SSB only.
  10. Please carefully follow the TUNE instructions in the blog and elsewhere on this site. First select your frequency band, then your antenna. Then briefly click the TUNE button. Allow the auto tuner a few seconds to do its thing. Please be sure you just click TUNE whenever you change frequencies more than a few kHz.
  11. Here is a short four minute YouTube video that shows you how to get started and demos some fundamentals to operating the remote  
  12. Feel free to engage the amp if you think you need it. Wait ten seconds or so for the amp to warm up. Turn off the amp when not using AND please turn off the radio PWR button when you are done (unless there are other operators in the queue).  
  13. Finally, you must recognize the K8EA remote. Identify your station as “This is KA4XYZ on the K8EA remote,” or something like that.

Most importantly, ENJOY!

Here is the standard radio RemoteHams RCForb radio face. Even though you are actually using our Icom 7300 it is replicated like this. Please note my comments.