T-Storms coming in and miscellaneous

Hopefully these ugly looking T-Storms will pass by quickly, but the remote is down for perhaps a couple hours. It was down for some trouble shooting earlier today but is now functioning fine. I’ll try to get the remote back up by 7:00 CDST today. check out www.lightningmaps.org with zip code 35210 to see what is coming our way. 73, Ed.

Summer thunderstorm activity here in Alabama

It’s been a busy season for afternoon and evening thunderstorms here this year. As the website and the remotes says, if you see the remote off line during normal hours check out the conditions at www.lightningmaps.org in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Chances are there are storms and, as any reasonable station operator would do, I disconnect all antennas. We have a pretty good elevation above average terrain here and had a lightning event a few years ago that took out a lot of equipment. So, while I’d like to keep the remote up 24/7 I want to protect our remote from damage. Sorry for any inconvenience. Best wishes to all ops. 73, Ed


Hello all. We have lot’s of fine operators on the remote. We appreciate those who exhibit the best in operating protocols and courtesies. Thanks folks. One problem that comes up too frequently is that the amp gets left on and goes into load fault condition. So, as a reminder, please ALWAYS turn the amp off first (even when turning over to another op since they can turn it back on when done). And turn the amp off before the radio. Then disconnect from the remote. If you just turn the radio off the amp will stay on. Also, please don’t just leave the remote without disconnecting. So, here’s the sequence that works best…

  • Turn off the amp;
  • Turn off the radio;
  • Disconnect from the remote.

Thanks to all for your cooperation.

73, Ed/K8EA