Programmed maintenance and relocation

The K8EA remote will be off line beginning Saturday, July 20, and for a few days afterward. We are doing some work here in the shack which requires some relocation of some equipment. We will be taking this time to do some programmed maintenance. I believe in keeping all equipment up to snuff. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we’ll be back up soon. 73, Ed

Big storms coming through…

Courtesy of Hurricane Barry, we are about to experience some severe weather here in the Birmingham Alabama area. I am disconnecting the antennas for now. I don’t expect this will last too long so may put the remote back up later today/tonight. Sorry for any inconvenience.

BTW, another reminder, if you are new to remotes and/or ham radio and want some help navigating around the remote just send me a note and I’ll try to arrange a time to meet you on the remote and help you get going. I see there are several ops that seem just a bit timid. I can help with that. Best wishes. 73, Ed