Ops who might need help navigating the remote…

If you would like a little help navigating the K8EA Remote please feel free to contact me. In some cases I have gotten on the remote with an op and helped them along, especially newer hams. Please don’t use this as an excuse to not go through the website and watch the YouTube video. All ops should watch that video and check out the website. Also, I am not an expert on using Android devices on remotehams. Lately we have had several newer hams who have done a great job getting on the remote and spending some time tuning and listening. That’s always a good thing to do before just jumping in. So if you are a little reluctant to get on and make some contacts feel free to contact me and we’ll set something up and work on it together. The remote is in my office so I am usually aware of when someone is on the remote although speakers are off and I merely hear the clicking of relays and see the radio is on. Anyway, enjoy the remote and let me know if I can help! 73, Ed

PS: Sorry about all the storms but I promise I try to keep the remote up as much as possible.

Thanks to all the K8EA ops

This season we have had a high frequency of thunderstorm activity here in the Birmingham area. I try very hard to keep the remote available as close to 24/7 as possible. Yet there are times when the earth to ground lightning in the area poses a severe threat to the antennas and equipment. This note is a special thanks for the patience of our K8EA Remote Community for your understanding that sometimes we need to be off the air to protect the equipment. If you ever find the remote off the air remember to check www.lightningmaps.org and check out Birmingham Alabama area weather. We have a lot of great ops on the remote. Wishing you all the best. 73, Ed/K8EA

T-storms in area

I’ll be taking the remote down and disconnecting antennas shortly because of foretasted thunderstorms throughout the night. Sorry for any inconvenience. 73, Ed