T-Storms in area

I have disconnected the antennas until the thunderstorms and lightning pass through our area. Not sure how long this will last. You can always check lightningmaps.org to get a view of the situation in our area. Sorry for any inconvenience. 73, Ed

T-Storms again

Looks like a band of T-Storms will be coming through the area so we will keep the antennas disconnected through the period. You can always check www.lightningmaps.org and the Birmingham Alabama area to get an idea of what kind of weather we are having down here. I try to keep the remote up as much as possible but I’ve had my share of lightning issues and they are no fun. So I humbly apologize whenever I take the remote off the air but in the long run it is best for all ops. 73, Ed

Possible T-Storms tonight

Just an FYI: There is a possibility of lightning and thunderstorms here tonight. We’ll be watching the WX. The remote is up and running now but if you find it off line check the weather here in the Birmingham area.

Android device help?

I use RemoteHams on my Windows PC, but I have noticed that several ops use Android devices. Some using Android phones seem to have a difficult time finding the appropriate controls (antenna switching, rotor, amp on/off switch) on their screens. I cannot personally help you navigate an Android phone on my remote. That notwithstanding, my good friend, Paul Rehm/WD0Q has agreed to help Android users learn to navigate my remote. If you just cannot figure it out, contact Paul. You can find Paul’s contact info on QRZ.com. Reminder–no driving while using this remote! 73, Ed