Remote off line tonight due to T-Storms in area

Again, thunderstorms and lightning are encroaching upon the Birmingham area. I have disabled the remote and d/c’d the antennas. I expect that these storms will continue though most of the night. Hopefully the remote will be back on in the morning at about 1300 UTC. Sorry for any inconvenience. 73, Ed

Remote will be off-line due to T-Storms in area

Seems like this has been a tough year for Alabama weather. I am going to take the remote down and d/c all antennas here, probably until tomorrow morning. You can check out our forecast (zip 35210); or see to see what we are dealing with here. Sorry for any inconvenience but safety and preservation of the equipment is a top priority. If we were just running a low OCF or dipole I would not worry about it as much. But these antennas are really up there and in the clear. They beg for lightning attention LOL. 73, Ed

More thunderstorms and lightning at K8EA

This has been the worst winter I can remember for T-Storms and lightning. Our antennas are 1000′ above sea level, well above average terrain, and generally in the clear. That means I have to be very watchful of this sort of weather and disconnect whenever there is a threat of T-Storms. If you find the remote is disabled for some reason during the normal operating hours take a look at and you might see why. I am very sorry for any inconvenience. I would like to keep the remote up 24/7 but have to be mindful of these storms because they can totally destroy both of my stations here. Thank you for your patience. In the mean time pray to the rain gods! LOL 73, Ed