Sunny forecast for the K8EA remote! :-)

Hi folks. It looks like the bad WX has finally abated here in Irondale Alabama. I am on the radio right now (Sunday morning 1130 UTC) but as soon as I get off I’ll get the remote back on line. Hopefully no further WX interruptions for a long time! Sorry for any inconvenience. 73, Ed

Remote online for now…

I have enabled the remote for the time being. It looks like although we remain very wet around here, no lightning events are expected for a while. I am sorry for the WX interruptions and will do my best to keep the remote available. 73, Ed

New blog posts via email notification

Beginning today all new blog posts on the K8EA remote website will also be sent to you via email link. These posts are infrequent and always contain important operating information updates for remote users. Since most operators don’t regularly check for updates on the website (understandable), the email will alert you to look for the update on the blog. Any email will give you an opportunity to opt out of future emails. However, if you do opt out of these important operating updates your privileges on the remote may be suspended.

Please do not use this remote while driving!

I wouldn’t think I would have to give these instructions to anyone but the subject did come up on a round-table today. Using a ham radio remote on a cell phone is as complicated (and dangerous) as texting while driving. So this is just a friendly reminder. Please don’t be offended by this note. I just don’t want anyone to get hurt. Very 73 to all the fine operators on the K8EA remote.