IMPORTANT: When you are finished on remote please turn off amp first, then turn off radio PWR button

I have noticed that several ops either just leave the remote transceiver and amplifier on when they are finished. PLEASE TURN OFF THE AMP BUTTON FIRST, THEN TURN OFF THE RADIO PWR BUTTON. When the amp is ON the bar on the right side of the radio panel (under the KMTronic switch) is highlighted. Please be sure to turn this off before turning off the radio. There have been several occasions where I have come into the shack only to find the amp still running with the radio off and no ops on the remote. Not good for the long term life of the amp. If you do not understand this please watch the YouTube again to see where the amp is turned on and off. Thanks for your cooperation on this very important issue. Otherwise, enjoy! 73, Ed.

Remote is back on line and fully operational

Thanks to all our users for your patience. I had several issues but I believe they are all resolved now. The K8EA remote should be operational on 80-10 meters, barefoot or with the 600w amplifier, 80/40 dipole or TA53 yagi and rotor. All users of this remote should read the operating info on this website and PLEASE watch the YouTube video (four minutes) before operating the remote. The system is pretty much fool proof from the users perspective, however improper use could put the amp in default requiring a reset, for example. Please turn off the amp and the radio when you are finished unless there is someone else in the queue. Enjoy. 73, Ed

Lightning and new tuner updates

First, it looks like a huge lightning and thunderstorm is moving in this afternoon. I usually keep up on my browser. Check it out. I will disconnect antennas and disable the remote whenever there is a threat of ground to earth lightning, normal precaution for any ham station. Also, the repaired MFJ autotuner should be here today. I will try my best to get it back on line as soon as I have some time. That will allow me to put the amplifier back on line. Thanks for your patience. 73, Ed.

Some frequencies blocked until return of the MFJ tuner

The internal tuner in the Icom 7300 has its limitations. The big MFJ tuner can tune all HF bands to a 1.2:1 or better. So until I get that piece of equipment back on line I have blocked the 3700-4000 portion of 80 meters. I checked and 40 meters (and above on the yagi), those frequencies are all tunable. Eighty meters is a stretch for just the Icom. Hopefully I’ll have the MFJ998 back on line by this weekend. Thanks for your patience and a special thanks to 16 year old W4IPC/Connor for providing this feedback. This website is the best mode to communicate with me using the CONTACT tab.

Please communicate with me via, including approvals for access

Please use the CONTACTS tab here on this website to 1) ask for approval to use the remote (only requests made through the website will be approved and you must have a license on file with RemoteHams), and 2) to communicate any comments or issues directly to me. I don’t always see your comments on the chat bar but I always see messages sent to me through They come directly to my email inbox.  73, Ed

Brief service interruptions

A couple things going on here that will affect service on the remote. First, as noted earlier the MFJ autotuner has been shipped off for repair. The autotuner should be back and on line in a week. In the meantime full functionality of the remote is available with the exception of the amplifier. We cannot run the amplifier without the high power autotuner for obvious reasons. Second, I am upgrading internet speed. We will soon have a LAN direct connection to the server which should have a noticeable effect on latency–the remote should “run” at faster internet speeds. Please be patient with us as we do some repairs and upgrades. In the meantime, for most of the time the remote will be up and running with 100 watts, rotor, 80/40, and 20-10 yagi available.

Amp temporarily off line

The brand new MFJ 998 Intellituner failed yesterday (less than 60 days new). So I need to take the amp off line for a short period of time since I can’t run the amp without the tuner. Fortunately the nice folks at MFJ have promised to turn it around quickly. Hopefully by this time next week we’ll be fully operational at 600w output.  Apologies to all of our fine users. In the meantime the station is otherwise operational:  beam, 80/40, rotor–just limited to barefoot operations. Please continue to regularly engage the TUNE button as it will now default to the Icom 7300 built in autotuner.