Please turn off amp when leaving remote

Please be sure to turn the amp OFF when finished on the remote. Just so that this is clear, the amp does not turn off on its own. Check the KMTronic switch panel. If the amp is highlighted it is on. Nobody will turn off the amp except the user or me. Just a single click will turn it off and it will no longer be highlighted in the switch panel. Thanks for everyone’s cooperation.

Amp and antenna switching information

The way the amp and antenna switching is done can be confusing. Here is an answer I just provided to one of our users.

When the amp is on it is highlighted. When it is off and you hover with the mouse you will see it highlight momentarily. So if you click on the amp when it is off it will show a fixed highlight. The amp switch is a single on off switch. It is either on or off.

Regarding the antennas: They toggle between the two. You can only be on one antenna at a time. Again, the highlighting will tell you which antenna you are on.

Think of the antenna switching and the amp switching differently even though they are in the same panel. Antennas toggle between two; amp is either on or off.