Special thanks…

I want to personally thank the following people who have been very helpful to me in getting the K8EA Remote on the air:  Roger/W8RJ, Ray/N4GYN, Jim/WU5E, and Phil/AD5X and many others. Ham radio has a proud tradition of of hams mentoring and otherwise helping others in this great hobby. Your knowledge is a gift. Thanks for sharing.

Notes on Tuning–IMPORTANT

When you turn the radio on (it should generally be off), listen a while. be sure you have selected the correct antenna (selected antenna is highlighted), then when you have found a frequency you want to transmit on (call CQ, answer a CQ, or join a net for example), PLEASE briefly click on the TUNE button first. It will generally just take less than a few seconds to tune to an adequate SWR for any of the authorized frequencies. When the  TUNE button goes back to it normal dimmed appearance you can assume that the antenna is tuned to an acceptable SWR for the operating frequency. IF YOU CHANGE FREQUENCIES MORE THAN A FEW KHZ, PLEASE BRIEFLY CLICK THE TUNE BUTTON AGAIN. Important note:  When you are not using the amp please turn it off. Also, before you disconnect from the K8EA remote, turn the radio off (PWR button); that is unless there is another user in the queue. Enjoy! 🙂

Tuner and amp added!

After a lot of research, help from friends and all, I think we finally have reached pretty close to the full capabilities of the K8EA Remote. The addition of the MFJ998 Intellituner was necessary before making the ALS600 amp live–sure don’t need any high SWR when using the amp. And while the Icom 7300 is a fine radio, the amp required a beefier autotuner. Tuning still requires user intervention so please read the next post. Hope you enjoy the K8EA remote!

Ham VII rotor is operational

As of yesterday our users can select between the 80/40 fan dipole (apex 55 feet and 1000 feet above see level) and our TA53, 3 element yagi. Most important is that the rotor is now operational.  It should show up on the right side panel of your RemoteHams screen as DCU1. Just click on that button and enter your beam heading. You can actually see a replication of the rotor turning. Remember the beam is located near Birmingham Alabama so you might have to do some “360 degree math” to determine which heading works for you.

K8EA remote update

I’m pleased that the K8EA remote station is up and running. There is still more to do but so far here is what we have accomplished. I put the brand new Icom 7300 on line with RemoteHams.com. Roger/W8RJ at RemoteHams was exceptionally helpful in getting me connected. Thanks Roger.

We’re now running the Icom and have installed a KMTronic switch which switches from the 80/40 to the Mosley TA53. 


Since the remote station is up and running, today we began working on a website to provide our users with more information and instructions on how to get started with RemoteHams and getting operational on the K8EA remote. Special thanks to Ray, N4GYN for his many suggestions and for his  referral to our website hosting company. Also, a special shout out to Dave at Saratoga Hosting for his outstanding commitment to customer service. The site is not live yet but should soon provide all the information users will need to get operational on the K8EA remote.