K8EA Remote Off The Air Indefinitely

Dear friends and ops, I have taken the K8EA Remote off remotehams for an indefinite period of time. It is very likely that it will not return. This is unfortunate but there are many reason for this. The most recent was a major equipment failure caused by some of the remote ops practices. It’s not simply the cost but also the time involved in determining the problem and getting the repairs done. Moreover, managing the administration of the remote has become time consuming as well, vetting new applications and the like. Plus, the FCC is now warning us that some of the right-wing insurrectionist groups that are dominating the news have been using CB and ham radio for their communications.


It is unfortunate because all I wanted to do is provide a service to HOA or otherwise antenna/ham radio restricted hams. Perhaps we let too many operators on the system. Nevertheless, I am pleased to have gotten to know some of you and wish you the best. 73 for now, Ed/K8EA

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