Welcome to the K8EA Remote Ham Radio Station

Welcome to the K8EA RemoteHams station! I have put this station together for those who otherwise do not have access to our great hobby. I have been a licensed since 1966. Ham radio has had a very positive and significant impact on my life. Today, I am fortunate to have the equipment and antennas–and no HOA restrictions! My primary objective is to share my station with other hams who may not be able to stay connected to this great hobby because of…

  • Restrictions on ham radio operation imposed by homeowners associations.
  • Hams living in condos or apartments.
  • Hams who in temporary living arrangements or who travel because of their jobs, active duty military personnel for example.
  • Hams who cannot afford to own and maintain a ham radio station.
  • Older or disabled hams who otherwise do not have access to this wonderful hobby.

I have been there before myself! Now with the advent of the internet, remote station tools, and the terrific folks at RemoteHams.com it is now easier to operate remotely using only a computer and a good internet connection.

To get on the air you will need:

  • Open an an account at RemoteHams.com and upload a copy of your current license (it’s free!). IT MUST BE IN JPG FORMAT. Be sure to use your call sign as your user name.
  • A computer with a good broadband connection to which you can attach a microphone. I use a Logitech headset with a USB connector.
  • A valid US or Canadian amateur radio license (I will make some exceptions for DX stations. Email me for details) 
  • Read the info posted here on the Operating Info tab and do some listening first so you can get familiar with remote operation.
  • IMPORTANT:  You must contact me through this website CONTACT tab to request TX privileges on the K8EA remote.

That’s all there is to it! If you want to find out more about me see my qrz.com page.

73, Ed/K8EA

Irondale AL USA